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My New Focus

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HELLO, I'm Andrew, thank you for taking the time to visit my website. But apologies if you were expecting to see the full range of my photography.

Since deciding at the end of 2017 to undertake fewer photographic shoots due to a long-standing back injury, things have changed a little faster than anticipated. By early 2019, it was clear that it might be best if I stopped altogether. The last proper shoot I did was in July 2019.

With no new pictures to add and my website going offline from the end of March 2020, now seems as good a time as any to scale-back on the content.

Life is now entirely focused on working as a freelance Copywriter. And, as much as I miss taking pictures, I really love what I'm now doing. It means I can still work within a creative field, but one that doesn't involve me trudging over rough ground, bending about, or lugging 15kg of camera gear around in pursuit of the next shot. It's a very different and exciting new challenge.

Photography isn't totally impossible, but is something I will now do only when I really feel I can. No more commissions. No more 2-hour each-way car journeys and a day's shooting in between. I'll only shoot more local stuff. Now and again. When the weather looks kind. The pictures will still be taken with commercial stock in mind, only without any commercial pressures attached.

To see just what a Freelance Copywriter does, visit my new website. You might be quite surprised!

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