A New Challenge

Priddy Mineries Sunset

A MAJOR CHANGE IN DIRECTION | Shortly after sunset on a cold November day in 2017, I made a decision.

As I struggled from the car back at the B&B, the pain from the base of my spine and pelvis was worse than ever. I could hardly move and so knew the time had finally come. It was a decision I probably should have made two years earlier, but had kept put off making. But now, I had to admit defeat.

Pain and realisation were not a good combination. Although I think perhaps, it was the sudden cold air that made my eyes smart a little.

And this was only day two of a four-day trip to Somerset. Five hours spent photographing the gardens of Stourhead for the National Trust, had certainly taken its toll.

A damaged sacroiliac joint (where the lower spine and pelvis connect) from doing triple jump and long jump at school in 1975, was the cause of the pain. Something I'd had to put up with for over 40 years. But now it was getting worse more often. More things would 'upset' it.

To my surprise, my mind was still made up once I got back home. If anything my resolve seemed stronger. I knew I couldn't give up photography totally, but I would do much less. And that would mean finding something to replace it. I became quite excited by the thought of a new challenge. But what exactly?

2018 would mark 20 years working as a professional photographer, but it would now become a pivotal year for a very different reason. I did cut right back on the number of shoots I did. With the exception of a few days spent back in Somerset, I only worked within a few miles of home. I also decided that copywriting was to be my new challenge.

Having written for a number of magazines on various topics and discovered that I really enjoyed writing (especially as people were willing to pay for it), copywriting seemed a natural avenue to explore. I researched like mad and enrolled on an online copywriting course with the Writers Bureau. I passed that with flying colours and am now studying for a diploma in copywriting with the College of Media and Publishing. It's a more in-depth course, but I'm really enjoying it.

That night in 2017 was very much a turning point. Emotional and painful at the time, it was probably the best thing that could have happened. Photography isn't vanishing completely from my life, just taking a little bit of a back-seat.

The end of one chapter maybe, but I'm really excited by the new chapter about to start.

And so, January 2019 sees me officially launching as a freelance copywriter. My new website is up and running - (you can find me here) - and I'm open for business.

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