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Your questions answered on the 'What', 'Where', 'How' and 'Why' of commissioning me.
What do you photograph?
I'm not a 'Jack-of-all-trades...', I specialise in shooting a very specific set of complementary genres - LANDSCAPES, GARDENS, ARCHITECTURE and HISTORICAL LOCATIONS; genres supplying numerous picture options that can be applied across a wide range of business and publishing sectors. So, if your project needs some well-crafted bespoke location pictures featuring scenic landscapes, architecture (contemporary or historical), gardens, garden design/architecture, tourism/travel, environment/nature or agriculture/industry, you can relax, for you've found just the right photographer. Perhaps you need pictures for Business promotion or Advertising; bespoke corporate Calendar, a Magazine feature or Book illustration, Packaging/P.O.S, Commercial products or possibly a Large-format Display or maybe you're looking for a unique piece of artwork for Home or Office. Whatever it may be, I provide a professional service that aims to supply you with compelling, well-crafted and evocative pictures at a fair price. See my 2019 Rate Guide for details.

Any specialist services?
A couple. For publishing clients, I can provide bespoke editorial photography of National Trust properties. I regularly produce images for the National Trust, which requires meeting their high image quality demands and professional standards. This places me on their register of approved photographers allowing me authorised access to their pay-on-entry properties throughout England and Wales, and so enabling me to produce bespoke photography for editorial clients. Such access is not readily available to non-approved photographers. I am also a successfully published freelance writer, and so able to produce word and picture packages too. I have written for several leading UK consumer publications, including The Countryman and Outdoor Photography.

Why should I commission you to undertake my photography?
I genuinely love what I do, and because I'm regularly shooting subjects I'm really passionate about throughout the year, I know how to get the best from them. It also means there is a consistency in both the style and quality of the pictures I produce. I'm not interested in taking snapshots - I leave that to others; I much prefer to take a more considered approach, producing inspiring images that have a purpose and are of real benefit. It's an approach clients really appreciate too, with my work being used in a wide range of commercial and publishing sectors worldwide. Good photography takes skill and effort, so why settle for snapshots when you can have a set of pictures that have been skilfully and professionally crafted by me instead?

How much will it all cost?
No one commission is ever the same, and so each job is priced according to the specific requirements of each individual client. Fees are based on either a half-day or full-day rate. Time is but one factor: from the pre-shoot planning and preparation work, getting to the location (and back), taking the actual pictures, followed by the editing and post-production work. My rates reflect the care, attention to detail and effort I take to provide you with the best possible images, while still being competitive.

Why no hourly rate?
I prefer to work on a fixed rate basis. However, for very small assignments undertaken within 30 miles of NN6 8BX, I offer a SPECIAL BUDGET rate. This service provides you with up-to 90 minutes on location plus a maximum of 8 high-resolution images. This rate is NOT available for locations beyond 30 miles and no further discounts are available.

Any discounts?
I will always try to be flexible in what I can offer in order to meet your budget. A discount is always given for editorial work on half-day or full-day rates. More generally, however, a discount is usually available for a commission running over consecutive days, or for those undertaken over a period of time (weeks or months), requiring multiple visits to one or several different locations. Please get in touch to see just how I can help your project.

What areas do you cover?
I cover Northamptonshire and all surrounding counties and I regularly travel to locations within a 2-hour drive of Northampton - taking me to areas such as the Peak District, Cotswolds and Chilterns. In reality, I will work anywhere in England and Wales, although obviously the further I need to travel the more expensive a commission becomes - mileage, accommodation etc. However, in some circumstances, it may be possible to mitigate some of the additional costs of a long-distance assignment. Contact me to see what may be feasible.

What does your Post-Production work include?
The amount of post-production work I undertake as standard covers more than most other photographers offer. For example, I don't charge extra for creating high-resolution panoramic images nor for exposure merging (light-touch HDR) for high contrast scenes that can't be controlled in-camera. A set number of images are included in my standard rates, with any additional work charged for accordingly. Post-production work includes the removal of dust spots and any chromatic aberrations, white balance correction if necessary, plus colour saturation and tone/contrast adjustments as required. I will also sharpen images if desired. I tend not to do any cropping so as not to restrict how an image may be used. Basically, I process images to the same exacting standards as for my own stock images. The things I won't do are: cut-outs, major cloning work or create composites.

How many images will I get?
I won't present you with hundreds of images to plough through. With my considered approach to photography, I aim only to present you with images that you'll really want to use. I'll Follow your brief, of course, and endeavour to supply you with as wide-a-range of images as time and your budget will allow, without compromising on quality.

How quickly will I get them?
Because I don't take hundreds of pictures, the corresponding post-production work is suitably reduced. Normally, I aim to supply fully processed images within 3-4 days of the shoot, but this does, of course, depend on the nature of the commission. Naturally, I will work to the schedule agreed as part of the commissioning brief. A faster turnaround may be possible, but if a proposed shoot and processing schedule looked to be a little too tight to enable me to achieve the best possible results for you, then I would say so at the very start. There is nothing worse than taking on a job and then letting the client down.

Who owns the copyright of the Images?
Put simply, I do, worldwide and for all time. For business use, you are (with some exceptions) free to use the images as often as you wish for up to 3 years. Details on Standard Use for business and editorial commissions are detailed at the bottom of my rates page, found here. Any additional uses will usually incur additional costs. Full usage details are confirmed in writing before a shoot. All commissioned photographic assignments are undertaken in accordance with my standard Terms and Conditions.

What file format are the pictures supplied in?
I take all pictures in RAW format, which affords me the best post-production options - and supplies you with high-quality pictures that are capable of being used to their full potential. Fully processed images are then supplied as high resolution 300dpi 60+MB 8-bit RGB Tiffs or converted to high-resolution Jpegs if prefered. DNG is also a file option. I will also supply low-resolution Jpeg images suitable for web use too. Your images are then supplied either on CD/DVD or via FTP or Dropbox; the choice is yours. Images sent via FTP or Dropbox are converted from Tiff to high-res Jpegs for more manageable file sizes.

If you have any queries or would like to explore further how I might help with your next photography project, then please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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