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Details on my work as a freelance copywriter and editorial writer.
I am now increasingly working as a COPYWRITER, with my photography no longer a major part of what I do. I am also a successfully published freelance editorial writer - details of which are shown on this page.

THE BEST OF BRITISH GARDENS series | In January 2015, I was commissioned by The Countryman magazine to write and provide images for 10 out of 13 articles for their new British gardens series to run during 2015 and 2016, starting with the June 2015 issue. It was left to me which gardens I wanted to cover, with the brief only stipulating that the gardens should cover differing periods of garden history and be interesting; oh, and ideally not include gardens that are regularly written about! Some examples from the series can be seen by clicking on the PDF titles indicated below:

Rousham House
A Potted History of British Gardens published in June 2015, began the series. A Potted History... © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2015
Birthplace of the English Garden Landscape about Rousham House (left) in Oxfordshire, followed in July
An Ever-changing Masterpiece was published in August. Cottesbrooke Hall © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2015
A Hidden Artistic Gem about the Arts & Crafts garden of Wyndcliff Court, followed in September.
In October, Gloucestershire's Dutch jewel was featured. Westbury Court © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2015

Easton Walled Garden
The April 2016 issue featured A Garden to Sing About, exploring West Green House in Hampshire. West Green House © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2016.
The Making of a Plantsman's Paradise in May, explored the gardens of Herterton House, Northumberland. Herterton House © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2016.
The June issue featured Easton Walled Garden, Lincolnshire (left) in A Dream of Nirvana Revived. Easton Walled Garden © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2016.
The life of 'Capability Brown' was celebrated in the August 2016 issue in The Shakespeare of Gardening,Capability Brown © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2016
October's issue ended the series featuring the gardens of Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire in A Gardener's World. Biddulph Grange © The Countryman/Andrew Baskott 2016

In addition to The Countryman, I have also had illustrated articles/features published in:
MARKET NEWSLETTER - The monthly trade magazine published by The Bureau of Freelance Photographers

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